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Student records—including Metropolitan State University transcripts, graduation records and inactive student registration—and admission records are maintained by the Registrar's Office.

Contact information changes

Social Security number or legal name change

Current and former students use the Name or Social Security Numbers Change form (PDF) to submit change requests.

Preferred name request

Metro State recognizes and supports members of the university community who wish to use preferred names that may differ from their legal names. Use the Preferred Name Request form (PDF) to request use of a preferred name whenever legally permissible.

eTranscripts within the Minnesota State system

Metropolitan State University uses the Minnesota State system's eTranscript service. This allows the universities and colleges within the Minnesota State system to retrieve transcripts without any action on your part. Transcript requests are not processed if there are any holds (including financial holds) on your account.

Ordering transcripts

Order transcripts online through the National Student Clearinghouse. You will need your university tech ID, a major credit card and a valid email address to order transcripts online.

  • Paper transcripts from NSC: $5/copy
  • Electronic transcripts from NSC: $6.75/copy

You may also submit a Transcript Request form (PDF) to the university's registrar by mail.

  • Paper transcripts from the university registrar: $8/copy

Rush transcripts

Rush transcripts may not be available if your last day of attendance at Metropolitan State University was more than 10 years ago.

Both the National Student Clearinghouse and the university's registrar offer rush services for additional fees. See the NSC website or the Transcript Request form above for details.

Graduates of Metro State can request a copy of their diploma by submitting a Duplicate Diploma Request form (PDF).

Do not use this form to request the original diploma you'll receive at graduation.

Graduates of Metro State can request an electronic diploma through CeCredential. It is delivered as a PDF and is official, secure and verifiable.

Using your university tech ID, log in to the National Student Clearinghouse to get verification of your current or previous enrollment status.

You can use the National Student Clearing house to:

  • Get proof of enrollment for health insurance or other purposes. You can download, print and mail the certificate online.
  • View your enrollment information.
  • View student loan deferment notifications that NSC provides to loan holders (lenders and guarantors).
  • View any proof of enrollment NSC has provided to health insurers and companies providing student services and products.
  • Order an official transcript.

NSC does not process verifications that require academic information such as GPAs. Request verficiation of academic information through Gateway Student Services.

Submit the Veterans Enrollment Certificate form (PDF) prior to each enrollment term.

Contact Metro State's Veteran Services office for help or more information.

If you need to grant someone else access to your educational records—or need to revoke access that was previously given to someone else—submit the Authorization to Grant or Revoke Access to Student Educational Records (PDF) form.

Contact Gateway Student Services to make public information requests for directory information. The only information that can be provided without student consent is the outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, University Policy #1040 and is as follows:

  1. Student's name(s)
  2. Major field of study
  3. Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  4. Dates of attendance
  5. Most recent previous educational institution attended
  6. Grade level or enrollment status (e.g., undergraduate or graduate, full time or part time)
  7. Degrees, honors and awards received
  8. Date of graduation
  9. Height and weight of members of athletic teams

    Notice to Students about Directory Information

    Students may direct that any or all of the above-listed directory information be withheld from public disclosure by notifying the registrar using the Non-Disclosure of Public Information (PDF) form.

    Currently enrolled students should notify the Records Office by the fifth day of the term to have directory information withheld.

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