CJS 615

Program and Policy Evaluation in the Criminal Justice System

2 Graduate credits
Effective August 16, 2015 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

Students learn to read, understand, and conduct the types of program and policy evaluations that are typically used in criminal justice agencies. At the end of the course, the student will know the vocabulary, concepts, theories, and techniques related to program and policy evaluation well enough to implement their own evaluation projects. The student will participate in both designing and conducting actual program evaluations.

Special information

Prerequisite: Admission to Graduate Program or instructor's consent.

Learning outcomes


  • Use program and policy evaluations to determine what works in specific criminal justice agencies.
  • Apply concepts and theories of program evaluation to real-life criminal justice programs.
  • Plan and conduct a full program evaluation, including conducting literature review, designing the evaluation, implementing it, and analyzing data.