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IDST 699 Individualized Studies Capstone

In IDST 699, students will produce a culminating work that brings together and builds upon their graduate studies journey. In this course, students focus largely on revising, refining, and completing their Capstone, which would have been drafted prior to registering for IDST 699. All Capstone Projects/Research are expected to be solidly grounded and relevant in scholarship spanning at least two well-defined academic disciplines or professional areas of expertise guided by their faculty advisor.


Special information

Prerequisites: The completion of at least 24 additional credits in the CIS MA/MS program, and an approved IDST 699 Capstone proposal and initial draft to the Capstone. research/project.
4 Graduate credits

Effective May 7, 2019 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Articulate and examine a complex problem, intellectual or creative query using an individualized approach
  • Pursue and apply research, sufficient in depth and breadth to be commensurate with graduate-level work
  • Apply advanced writing and rhetorical skills in communicating results
  • Demonstrate advanced ability to present results, both orally and in writing