MDST 364

Indigenous Storytelling and New Media

4 Undergraduate credits
Effective December 15, 2012 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course examines the relationship between the media, community organizing, and community power, with special emphasis on the ways in which new media can facilitate storytelling and organizing efforts in indigenous communities. The course also explores theories of social movements, community organizing, and digital storytelling, and the ways in which theory and application connect in communities to promote social change. Students will examine existing media structures and the ways in which these structures are supported and challenged by the opportunities provided by new media and will tell their own stories using new media tools.

Learning outcomes


  • Understand the historical connections between community organizing and media, with an emphasis on indigenous communities;
  • Be able to describe the role of media in the organizing efforts of indigenous communities;
  • Be able to tell their own stories from an indigenous perspective using digital media;
  • Be able to create and implement community organizing initiatives; and,
  • Be able to use media to support community organizing."