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MGMT 7007 Capability Mapping:Use the Right Resources on the Right Things at the Right

When asked the question, what does your organization do? You may respond with a litany of products and services, or perhaps, a fine-tuned elevator speech on your mission. A Capability map shows what your organization actually does to build the products or provide the services. The map will not tell you How it is done, but it will help you map the complexity of the processes and systems that make-up your organization. Although complex, mapping makes it easier to see redundancies that exist in a current state so that you can align resources and transition to a future state. An organizational capability map combined with a solid maturity assessment allows an organization to focus on the things that will be most impactful to the strategy. This critical focus helps the organization invest the right resources and energy on the right things at the right time.

Special information

Fee: $150.
Graduate credit

Effective January 10, 2016 to present