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NURS 664 Chemistry, Physics, and Math for Anesthesia Professionals

Aspects of inorganic and organic chemistry, biochemistry, and physics, which are applicable to the science and practice of anesthesia are presented. Includes the application of learned principles to various aspects of anesthesia practice. Topics include: the chemistry and physics of anesthetic agents, accessory drugs, therapeutic agents, explosion hazards, and electrical safety. Competence Statement: Knows the concepts of chemistry and physics as it relates to anesthetic practice.

Special information

Restrictions: Admission into the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia program.
5 Graduate credits

Effective January 14, 2019 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Perform basic algebraic manipulations.
  • Describe the gas laws.
  • Understand physics principles and natural exponential functions and how they relate to anesthetic practice.
  • Outline the basic principles of inorganic chemistry.
  • Outline the basic principles of organic chemistry and their applicability to anesthetic agents.