NURS 668

Principles of Anesthesia Practice III

1 Graduate credit
Effective January 14, 2019 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course presents concepts of pre-, intra-, and post-anesthesia patient assessment, basic physiologic monitoring, and MRI safety. A central line insertion workshop is utilized to instruct students on proper sterile technique and central line insertion. Competence Statement: Knows the concepts and use of perioperative anesthesia monitors, pre-, intra-, and post-operative assessment, and MRI safety

Special information

Restrictions: Admission into the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia program.

Learning outcomes


  • Perform a thorough pre-operative anesthetic assessment
  • Utilize basic physiological monitoring according to standard practice
  • Appropriately assess the anesthetized patient for signs of untoward effects of anesthesia
  • Understand the unique concepts of safety and monitoring anesthetized patients in the MRI environment
  • Demonstrate a central venipuncture in a simulated environment

Spring 2020

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