NURS 677

Statistics and Research for Nurse Anesthesia

3 Graduate credits
Effective January 14, 2019 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

The methods of descriptive and experimental research, the study of statistical procedures, and development of research methodology will be presented. Competence Statement: Knows the principles of statistics and research methodology.

Special information

Restrictions: Admission into the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia program.

Learning outcomes


  • Develop a research problem, purpose statement, and hypotheses.
  • Develop an appropriate research design to address a research problem.
  • Utilize appropriate statistical procedures to analyze data.
  • Critically read research reports.
  • Apply the principles of evidence-based practice in clinical anesthesia.

Summer 2020

Section Title Instructor
01 Statistics and Research for Nurse Anesthesia O'Donnell, Michael Perdue Course details