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NURS 698 Research Presentation

In this course, the student will prepare literature-based papers that examine and analyze anesthesia-related topics. The papers will be in a publishable format using American Psychological Association (APA) style, 6th edition. The student will present and defend their paper before a faculty committee and students. Competence Statement: Knows the process of identifying anesthesia practice issues, conducting literature searches, evaluating literature research, synthesizing the material, presenting it in written form, and disseminating it in oral form to an audience.

Special information

Restrictions: Admission into the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia program.
3 Graduate credits

Effective January 14, 2019 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Identify an emerging practice issue in anesthesia that impacts contemporary anesthesia practice and formulate a question related to that practice issue.
  • Perform and appraise an extensive review of the current research pertaining to the chosen topic
  • Formulate and write a research paper that: a. Provides a comprehensive, relevant review of the research pertaining to the topic. b. Critically analyzes published material to evaluate new concepts. c. Critically analyzes published research with respect to appropriateness of research design (methodology, validity, reliability, data analysis) d. Analyzes research findings for their applicability to contemporary anesthesia practice. e. Integrates the research results to form evidence-based recommendations for clinical practice.
  • Disseminate the findings and conclusions by providing a scholarly presentation.

Fall 2023

Section Title Instructor
01 Research Presentation Laffoon, Travis Ryan Quaas, Mary Beth Popp, Jordan Books Course details