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PSYC 499 Advanced Topics in Psychology

This course considers topics of current or relevant importance to the field of psychology and is offered for variable credit. Since the topics change from semester to semester consult the Class Schedule for specific topic listing. If more than one topics course is taken in fulfillment of the major, they must be different topics course titles.
1-5 Undergraduate credits

Effective December 15, 2013 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Know the mission, vision, goals, organizational structure, and social and political contexts of at least two organizations serving the professional development and/or mental health needs of adults and adults working with children; understand the impact of public policy on the work of these organizations.
  • Compare the effectiveness of these organizations with similar organizations; conduct literature reviews to determine how other similar organizations have determined their effectiveness within social or political arenas; prepare written report with review results and overview of how these other organizations have used data for program improvements, fundraising, legislative presentations, or other organizational purposes.
  • Observe onsite agency operations, assemble data made available by the organizations into tables, graphs, or other relevant presentation approaches, and evaluate organizational or program effectiveness within the organization.
  • Prepare a final written report to be presented to the organization with recommendations related to how the existing data or new data could be more effectively used to demonstrate how the organization is meeting its goals at the agency or programmatic levels.

Spring 2024

Section Title Instructor books eservices
21 Advanced Topics in Psychology: Psychology of Leadership Goldsberry, Lonie Books for PSYC-499-21 Spring 2024 Course details for PSYC-499-21 Spring 2024