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SPED 600 Foundations of Teaching Urban Learners with Exceptionalities

The course shall provide students with an overview of student exceptionality: students with disabilities and students with gifts and talents. Special emphasis will be placed on characteristics of exceptional children; the legal aspects of educating students with disabilities; and assessment, instructional, and collaborative strategies. An important outcome of this course is to foster participant dispositions toward appreciating the diverse talents of all learners with exceptionalities and to value flexibility and collaboration in adapting instruction for urban students with diverse needs. The content and skills learned and practiced in this course are designed to meet Minnesota standards of effective teaching practice in the area of special education. This course contributes to the mission, vision, and guiding principles of the Metropolitan State Urban Teacher Program. In addition the course is designed for students to integrate knowledge through content reflection and discussion and skill development through course assign

Special information

Note: This course is offered concurrently with SPED 300.
3 Graduate credits

Effective May 7, 2019 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Discuss and articulate the basic characteristics associated with commonly accepted areas of exceptionality (i.e., the categories of exceptionality in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act as well as factors affecting over and under-representation of culturally or linguistically diverse learners);
  • Discuss and articulate the differences and similarities of urban and diverse learners with and without disabilities
  • Discuss and articulate the major provisions of special education legislation and the concepts embedded in the practice and support for individuals with disabilities and the historic role such legislation has played in the education of diverse urban learners.
  • Discuss and articulate the major legal background and requirements of educating students with disabilities;
  • Discuss and comment on major philosophies of special education and how they have addressed urban and diverse learners
  • Discuss and articulate the system of urban special education practice including roles and responsibilities among general educators, special educators, and associated support professionals in urban educational settings
  • Discuss and articulate educational strategies within general and special education appropriate for exceptional students, including instructional and curricular alterations and collaborative options for urban diverse students.

Fall 2024

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