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Mission and philosophy

Inside a larger circle of Education and Learning is a Venn diagram with Nursing Practice including stewardship, inter-professional, and accompaniment in one circle. Nursing Discipline including innovation, scholarship, and nursing science is in the other circle. In the overlap between Nursing Practice and Nursing Discipline are equity, social justice, holism, community, relationships, leadership, policy, and evidence and theory-based practice.

Department of Nursing’s philosophy

The mission of nursing education at Metro State University is to engage and educate students to provide holistic and value-based healthcare for all.

We are committed to nurturing an educational environment that fosters anti-racism and liberation.

Our nursing department acknowledges the structures and intersectional inequities within societal systems including healthcare that continue to cause harm to historically marginalized communities.

We strive for students to emerge from our programs with skills to advance health equity.

These guiding principles prepare our students to adapt to changing healthcare needs and collaborate with society through civic engagement and lifelong learning. Inherent within the practice and discipline of nursing are the values noted in the diagram.

Our model demonstrates the relationships among, the discipline of nursing, nursing practice, and nursing education.

Department of Nursing's goals

  1. Provide nursing education that is accessible and flexible
  2. Create learning environments in which students from historically marginalized communities have equitable opportunities to participate and succeed
  3. Prepare nurses to respond holistically to the increasingly complex health care needs of individuals, families, communities, and populations
  4. Contribute to the advancement of nursing practice and the discipline of nursing
  5. Foster expanded practice and research opportunities through collaboration with educational and service partners that align well with the mission of the university