Mission and philosophy

The mission of the Department of Nursing is to promote holistic health and healing and eliminate health inequities by facilitating student learning, advancing scholarship and engaging the community.

Department of Nursing’s philosophy

We believe that nursing is an art and a science, an academic discipline as well as a field of professional practice. As an academic discipline, nursing is concerned with the search for new knowledge and understanding of human responses to health situations. As a practice profession, nursing serves society through knowledgeable and humanistic caring directed toward healing in the human health experience. We value self-care as an essential component of nursing practice and personal development. Programs in the Department of Nursing incorporate selected holistic theories and models to be consistent with these beliefs.

Nursing practice is deliberative, interpersonal and interactive in nature. It rests on a decision-making process derived from a synthesis of knowledge and experience in the arts, sciences and nursing. Nursing values the intrinsic worth of human beings and strives to meet the health care needs of individuals, families and populations of diverse cultures, values, and beliefs. Practice includes health promotion and disease prevention.

Nursing exists as a mandate from society and occurs within the health care system. This system is influenced by social, political and economic forces. Access to health care services is viewed as a right of individuals as members of society.

We believe that health is a dynamic human experience, a subjective experience for the individual. Health is the manifestation of the person-environment interaction, influenced by many internal and external factors including those that are biological, emotional, socio-economic, cultural, spiritual, and perceptual. Health is influenced by values, relationships and personal choices.

Persons are unique, give meaning to situations, are responsible for choices, and are the primary decision makers in health situations. Persons respond holistically to changing environments, to growing and aging and to suffering and healing.

We believe that education is a lifelong process of realization of human potentials. The nursing programs at Metropolitan State University are based on the belief that adult learners should have opportunities to pursue educational preparation in nursing to advance their careers. In this process, knowledge, skills and values are developed and refined. We believe that the purpose of nursing education is to prepare nurses, who will provide knowledgeable, holistic, and culturally competent nursing care and who will participate in expanding nursing knowledge. We believe adult learners are self-directed and mature, bringing a diversity of experience to the educational environment. Because adult students are able to assume major responsibilities for their learning, the faculty serves primarily as facilitators and role models. Learning is facilitated through systematic study, expert role modeling and interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty, students, clients, nurses and others. The use of adult learning principles and multiple teaching strategies reflects the faculty's belief in students as unique persons with their own cognitive abilities, feelings and values who have the potential for growth and self-directedness.