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Francis Schweigert

  • Emeriti


Francis J. Schweigert has been appointed professor in the Department of Philosophy in the College of Liberal Arts, effective August 17, 2020, after completing four years as the Inaugural Dean of the College of Community Studies and Public Affairs. Prior to his appointment as dean, Schweigert served as professor in the College of Management and director of master's programs in Public and Nonprofit Administration, Nonprofit Leadership and Management, and Public Administration. His primary areas of teaching are practical philosophy, philosophy and spirituality, public ethics, and business ethics.

Before coming to Metropolitan State University in 2006, Schweigert worked at the Northwest Area Foundation as a community liaison to regional economic development projects and as the lead for research and program evaluation. He is active as a volunteer mediator and circle keeper in dispute resolution and restorative justice and consults with nonprofit leaders in strategic visioning and planning.

Schweigert has published numerous articles and chapters on business ethics, public ethics, evaluation, leadership, and restorative justice. His current research focuses on public ethics and business ethics education, especially business contributions to the public good as a matter of justice. Recent publications include "The Restorative Ideal of Justice" (2019) and Business Ethics Education and the Pragmatic Pursuit of the Good (Springer International, 2016).

Schweigert earned his PhD in Educational Policy and Administration from the University of Minnesota in 1997, focusing on the social and philosophical foundations of education. His dissertation was entitled, Learning the Common Good: Social and Philosophical Foundations of Community-Based Moral Education in the Theory and Practice of Restorative Justice, based on research comparing four different approaches to restorative justice in the State of Minnesota.

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