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Your first semester

To prepare for your first semester—and a successful academic journey—here's a list of things to do after you've been admitted to the university.

It's broken down into four stages: Before you register for classes, registering for classes, before your classes begin and, finally, things you can take care of at any time during your first semester.

Remember that some programs have a few more requirements in addition to these before you can enroll. Check the program pages or ask your advisor to be sure that you're set.

Welcome to Metropolitan State University!

Before you register for classes

After you've been accepted to the university, there are things you'll need to do before you can register for classes for your first semester.

Apply for financial aid

Complete your FAFSA—the U.S. Department of Education's application for federal student aid—and have it sent to Metropolitan State University.

Here's a complete guide for submitting your application and accepting loans.

  • Do online
  • Takes about 30 minutes
  • Get help

Check your university email

All official communication emailed to you by the university, faculty and staff will go to your student email account. Use your Minnesota State StarID and password to set up your account. (StarIDs are a string of two letters, four numbers and two letters, like "ab1234cd.")

If you attended another college or university in the Minnesota State system, you'll use the same StarID at Metropolitan State University.

If you're new to the Minnesota State system, your StarID was generated when you first applied for admission.

  • Do online
  • Takes about 20 minutes
  • Get help

Connect with your academic advisor

Academic advisors are assigned to students based on their major or program. Your academic advisor's name and contact information are included in a welcome letter you receive within three weeks of your acceptance to the university.

Your advisor will have lots of information and advice for planning your academic path, staying on track and navigating the university.

Submit an immunization form

Many students have to complete an immunization form and return it to Gateway before they can register for classes.

  • Do online or in person
  • Takes about 5 minutes
  • Get help

Register for orientation

All new students must complete orientation online. Register for new student orientation.

For freshmen with 16 or fewer credits: In addition to new student orientation online, you must attend an on-campus group advising and registration session. This gives you a chance to meet advisors and faculty face-to-face, see the campus, get your student ID card and get comfortable finding classrooms, the bookstore and the library.

  • Do online
  • Takes about 120 minutes
  • Get help

Take placement assessments

Placement assessments gauge your math, reading and writing skills. They help you and your advisor select which courses are best for you.

Incoming students who have not completed college-level English composition and a college-level math course are required to take placement assessments—this includes all incoming freshmen or PSEO students who haven't earned any college credit. 

For other incoming students, including transfer and readmitted students, your degree auditing determines whether you're exempt from assessments. (If you see "Student Holds: 0006 — Assessment Test" on your degree audit report, you won't be able to register for any class until you take a placement assessment.)

Metro 101: Your Academic Journey

For freshmen with 16 or fewer credits only. Metro 101 is a course that introduces students to the university and the services and academic programs it offers you. It's required for all new students who have 16 or fewer credits. You can add the course to your schedule on eServices.

Complete any additional program requirements

Some of Metropolitan State's undergraduate programs have additional requirements for new students. If you're enrolled—or want to enroll—in one of these programs, check the program's requirements. Your advisor can help you understand any requirements and create a plan to complete them.

Social Work BSW
Law Enforcement Licensing Undergraduate Certificate
Law Enforcement BS Track 3, Major for Licensed Peace Officers
Nursing MANE BSN
Health Systems Studies BS

If you're a graduate student, check with your program to make sure you've met all admissions requirements.

Register for classes

Now that you've completed all the preparations for registration, it's now time to get a spot in the classroom. Here's everything you need to know about registering for classes.

Before classes start

In the time between registering for classes and the start of the semester, there are a few things you'll need to do to get ready for class—and have a successful first semester.

Make arrangements to pay your tuition

For students receiving financial aid, you should check your aid status, accept your loans and manage your aid package.

For students who are paying their tuition in other ways (including veteran's benefits), here's how to set up different forms of tuition payment.

Buy your books

After you know what classes you're taking, you can find and buy the books you need online through Metropolitan State's bookstore.

If you want to pay for your books by charging them to your student account, you can set up bookstore credit.

  • Do online or in person
  • Takes about 30 minutes

Review your degree audit report

For undergraduate students, your Degree Audit Report is available through eServices about 12 - 14 business days from your date of acceptance. This report shows how your previous courses/credits have been applied to your academic program, including graduation requirements and general education. It also shows what program requirements you've met and what requirements you still need to meet.

After you've reviewed your Degree Audit Report, if you have questions about the transfer of your courses/credits, connect with your advisor to discuss transfer course/credit decisions.

  • Do online
  • Takes about 30 minutes
  • Get help

Get acquainted with D2L Brightspace

Online courses (and many in-person classes) use D2L Brightspace. Take the tutorial on how to access D2L.

  • Do online
  • Takes about 5 minutes

Any time your first semester

Get your student ID card

You'll use your university ID to check out library books and access parking and other facilities. You can get your ID in person, through the mail or, for students who live outside the Twin Cities metro, by email.

  • Do online or in person
  • Takes about 30 minutes
  • Get help