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Student payroll

Qualifying for student work

Students must be enrolled in at least six undergraduate credits or four graduate credits and make satisfactory academic progress to qualify for student employment. Audit classes do not count for student employment eligibility. Please note that all student employment opportunities cease upon graduation.

All students are encouraged to complete and submit a FAFSA to determine if work-study funds are available.

Each job postings lists the specific work eligibility requirements.

Two student employment options

Work study

Work study is for graduate and undergraduate students who are paid with funding from a state or federally administered work-study financial aid program. Students must have a completed FAFSA on file with the Financial Aid Office. More about student employment as a form of financial aid.

Student workers

Student workers are graduate or undergraduate students paid from funds other than work study—normally out of a department budget.

Work hour limitations

Undergraduate Students

  • Full-time students at Metropolitan State (12 credits or more per semester, including consortium credits) may work up to 20 hours per week during the spring and fall semesters
  • Part-time (6–11 credits per semester, including consortium credits) may work up to 14 hours per week during the spring and fall semesters

Graduate students

  • Full time (8 or more credits) graduate students may work up to 20 hours per week during the spring and fall semester
  • Part time (4–7 credits) graduate students may work up to 14 hours per week during the spring and fall semester

Breaks and summer session limits

During official semester breaks and the summer semester, all work-eligible students are permitted to work up to 25 hours per week. For details, see Procedure 512.

Job pay levels and salary administration

All pay levels are subject to change in accordance with prevailing state or federal minimum wage legislation.

Level A

General tasks include routine typing, opening mail, entering data on prescribed forms, message or package delivery, word processing, data entry, filing, photocopying, collating and assembling materials, answering phones; routine grounds keeping activities, running errands, setting up rooms and routine custodial duties.

Skills: Knowledge of business English, spelling, grammar. Skill in typing or data entry. Ability to compute and tabulate using basic mathematics. Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions. Ability to file and retrieve records. Basic knowledge of tools and equipment used in audio-visual, custodial or grounds keeping work. Basic ability to use personal computers.

Hourly rate: $12.00 current starting wage.

Level B

General tasks include academic computer center support including explaining and assisting users with software, maintaining printers, monitoring computer center user log-in process, inventorying equipment and supplies. Advanced clerical or laboratory support work, requiring knowledge sufficient to conduct office or field research work of a complex nature, to perform difficult tests on a variety of materials or substances in laboratories, to set up or clean up laboratory experiments as directed. One-on-one peer tutoring in remedial or entry level subject matter. Completing maintenance activities requiring specialized skills and knowledge of unit operations. Same as for level A plus paraprofessional level knowledge of and ability to explain unit procedures. Considerable knowledge and experience using tools and equipment in performing required work. Knowledge of laboratory procedures sufficient to provide paraprofessional research support and to set up and clean up for lab classes with little or no supervision. Knowledge of principles and practices of office management to provide lead-worker direction to other students. Ability to assist faculty, staff and students with research and other projects; to maintain computer files and documentation, and to perform equipment maintenance.

Hourly rate: $13.00 current starting wage.

Level C

General tasks: Responsible for advanced levels of technical or paraprofessional assistance and support; schedule and provide direction to other student employees; review student time reports. Serve as a paid intern where the internship requires special expertise and knowledge in the discipline area. Provide advanced level tutoring or conduct tutorial workshops requiring in-depth knowledge of a subject or discipline.

Skills: Comprehensive understanding and working knowledge of the computer center's software packages; ability to oversee laboratories or the computer center in the absence of regular staff; ability to provide leadership to others, ability to explain subject matter at advanced levels; ability to enforce standards and regulations, and to react quickly in emergency situations.

Hourly rate: $14.50 current starting wage.