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Building a more equitable and just community

a portrait of George Floyd, in a gray sweatshirt, with a gold halo behind his head

Portrait of George Floyd by Metropolitan State alumnus Adam Bucher (BookaB). Courtesy of the artist.

Metro State University is committed to creating welcoming, inclusive, and anti-racist learning and working environments. This commitment is outlined in our university vision statement and demands that we speak up against injustice and disparities in our communities. As a university, we strive to be equity-minded and in doing so, we do our work in ways that are evidence-based, race-conscious, institutionally focused, and systematically aware in order to advance equity and justice.

We strongly believe in the values of equity and inclusion so all members of our university and its surrounding communities experience an authentic sense of belonging. We celebrate dimensions of diversity such as race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, age, economic, and/or familial status. 

We must transcend all that divides us and work together within our community to advance equity in the areas of student success, campus culture, workforce, policies, and structures. 

We are driven and grounded in our equity, inclusion, and anti-racism work because of these commitments and values.

For more on Metro State's commitment to fostering equity and justice, visit: