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Policy 1000: University Policies and Procedures

Download Policy 1000: University Policies and Procedures

This PDF is the official text of this policy. If there are any incongruities between the text of the HTML version (rightbelow) and the text within the PDF file, the PDF will be considered accurate and overriding.

University Policy #1000

Section 1. Purpose

It is the purpose of this policy to assure that the Metropolitan State University community has convenient and reliable access to a body of policies and procedures that provide the authority and structure governing the operations of the University. These policies and procedures will support the mission of the University; provide clear and concise direction to employees, students, stakeholders, and guests; document how the University conducts it work; and provide accountability. This policy is also intended to guide the development and maintenance of the University’s policies and procedures. This policy will be followed in initiating, drafting or revising, reviewing, consulting with stakeholders about, adopting, and communicating University policies and procedures. University policies and procedures will guide the conduct of the business and functions of the University as authorized by and in compliance with Minnesota State Board of Trustees policies, system procedures, state statutes, federal and state agency rules, and collective bargaining agreements.

Section 2. Policy

University policies and procedures will be developed and updated as needed to ensure that University employees and students have clear, consistent, and effective direction for conducting themselves and the affairs of the University within the parameters of our governing bodies and documents. Consistent with the University’s vision of becoming an anti-racist and inclusive learning community, each new or revised University policy or procedure will be reviewed for potential differential impacts based on racial, cultural, or social group identity, affinity, or ability, and will be drafted to minimize any identified differential impact to the extent practicable.

The University will implement this policy by:

  1. Maintaining an official file of University policies and procedures in the President’s office and making the University policies and procedures available on the University website.
  2. Establishing a clear process by which University policies and procedures can be proposed, revised, approved, or revoked.
  3. Periodically reviewing policies and procedures and updating, modifying, or revoking them as appropriate to ensure compliance of University policies and procedures with Minnesota State Board of Trustees policies and system procedures, state and federal law and regulations, collective bargaining agreements, and actual and best practices.
  4. Holding members of the University community accountable for operating within the parameters of all enacted University policies and procedures and state and system laws and policies that govern the Minnesota State system.

Section 3. Definitions

  1. A “university policy” is an institutionally approved and published high-level statement of guiding principles and standards that articulates the University’s values and communicates behavioral expectations and requirements with broad application across the University, or for major components of the University, and that enhances the University’s mission and vision, promotes operational efficiencies, or seeks to reduce institutional risk, while addressing issues of compliance with Minnesota State Board policies and system procedures by the authority delegated to the President by the Minnesota State Board of Trustees.
  2. A “university procedure” delineates the course of action to be followed by the University and by its employees, students, and visitors in order to implement a University policy so as to facilitate the continuing functions of the University and to deal with special situations or events that may arise during the course of operations.
  3. “Institutionally approved and published” means that the policy or procedure:
    1. Has been reviewed through the shared governance process,
    2. Has complied with bargaining unit agreements,
    3. Has been formally approved by the University’s President, and
    4. Has been made accessible to the University community (e.g, by inclusion online in the Policies and Procedures section of the University’s website).

Section 4. Authority

This policy is issued pursuant to the authority granted under Minnesota State Board of Trustees Policy 1A.1, “Minnesota State Administration and Organization,” Part 3, Subpart E, and Part 6, Subpart G.

Section 5. Effective Date

This University policy shall become effective upon signature by the President, and shall remain in effect until modified or expressly revoked.

Section 6. Responsibility

The President or his/her designee is responsible for implementation of this policy.

Section 7. Review

This policy will be reviewed every five years, or as needed.

Section 8, Signature

Issued on:

Virginia “Ginny” Arthur, JD