Policy 4020: Employee Parking

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University Policy #4020

Section 1.        Purpose

This procedure provides direction regarding parking.

Section 2.        Authority

This regulation is issued pursuant to the operating authority granted to the University's President by the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

Section 3.        Effective Date

This policy shall become effective upon signature by the President and remain in effect until modified or expressly revoked.

Section 4.        Responsibility

The responsibility for implementation of this regulation is assigned to the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Associate Vice President for Financial Management.

Section 5.        Policy

  1. Per MnSCU procedure, employees must pay at least the amount students pay for parking, MnSCU Procedure 5.11.1, Part 4, Subpart B, Parking fees.
  2. All employees who utilize one of our parking facilities pay one standard rate, regardless of the location where they work, based on the equivalent rate that the students are charged.  All users receive a validated card and/or hang tag to park at St. Paul, Midway, Minneapolis, and Hennepin Technical College.
  3. All staff and resident faculty working less than full-time will pay a prorated fee.
  4. Community faculty will pay a prorated fee based on the credits they teach.
  5. Employees who park at our facilities will have two options for parking payments:
    1. Bi-weekly payroll deduction.
    2. Invoiced on a per-semester-basis.
  6. Students will pay based on credits taken.

Section 6.        Review

All revenue and expenses are analyzed on an annual basis and rates may be subject to adjustment.

Section 7.        Approval

Issued on this 10th day of December, 2015.


Devinder Malhotra, Interim President