Procedure 402: Employee Parking

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Administrative Affairs Procedure #402

Section 1.        Procedure

This procedure provides direction regarding employee parking.

Section 2.        Authority

This regulation is issued pursuant to the operating authority granted to the University's President by the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

Section 3.        Effective Date

This procedure shall become effective upon signature by the Vice President for Administrative Affairs and Finance, and remain in effect until modified or expressly revoked.

Section 4.        Responsibility

The responsibility for implementation of this regulation is assigned to the Associate Vice President for Administrative Affairs and Finance.

Section 5.        Objective

To describe steps to be taken by employees to access parking facilities.

Section 6.        Implementation

Monthly contract parking is available at the St. Paul and Minneapolis Campuses to all permanent or fixed-term employees on a first come/first served basis as space allows.

Student workers, part-time faculty/staff, and volunteers are not eligible for monthly contract parking. An application for payroll deduction and an Employee Parking Lot license Agreement must be completed in order to receive contract parking.

A parking lot access card will be issued when the completed forms are submitted to the Building Services Office.

Parking rates are as follows: Minneapolis Campus and St. Paul Campus: $13.85/pay period; St. Paul Campus (Nobles Lot): $9.23/pay period; Midway Campus: $10/pay period. As   appropriate, parking fees will be deducted from the employee's pay advice each pay period. A half-time rate equivalent to half the cost of the full time rate may be arranged as parking space is available to those staff who are assigned to work .5 FTE or less.

Reduced rate parking rates may be offered as opportunities become available. Availability of reduced rates will take into consideration market conditions, usage factors, and parking facilities distant from main campus lots.

Information, applications, payroll deductions authorizations and employee parking lot license agreements can be obtained from the Building Services Office.

Cancellation of Contractual Parking

Cancellation of parking contracts can be made for any reason by returning the parking card to the Building Services Office and signing the payroll deduction form to terminate deductions.

Advance notification should be done at least three weeks in prior to termination in order to assure sufficient time for processing before deductions are removed from your payroll check. Please Note: deduction will continue one pay period after termination due to initial lag in setting up payroll deduction.

Card Replacement

Should the initial parking lot access card become lost, stolen or mutilated, a fee of $20.00 for a replacement card will be payable to the university before a new card is issued.

Daily Parking in St. Paul

For employees who do not wish to or are not eligible to participate in the contract parking option, parking is available at a rate of $1.50 per day. This fee is paid when exiting the parking lot along with the parking ticket obtained upon entry to the lot. If re-entry is expected on the same day, the attendant will provide a receipt. The receipt allows for subsequent departures without     additional charge.

The small "courtyard" parking lot between Founders Hall and St. John's Hall is restricted to handicapped parking, reserved parking for state owned vehicles, emergency vehicles and for the temporary parking of vehicles for the purpose of loading and unloading materials (up to a maximum of 15 minutes). Routine contract and daily parking prohibited in this lot.

On-Street parking is available along Seventh Street, Maria Avenue and Sixth Street on a first- come, first-served basis. Most of this parking is limited to 2 hours and is at the owners risk.

Daily Parking in Minneapolis

Faculty and staff assigned to or visiting the Minneapolis Campus from other campuses may park in the "Downtown Auto Park" ramp located at 9th & LaSalle. For staff and faculty who are not eligible or elect not to participate in the monthly contract parking option, daily parking is available through the use of a Faculty/Staff parking stamp available at the security desk in the building lobby. Reduced rate parking is available in two 4 3/4-hour increments. The cost of parking for each 4 3/4 period or portion thereof will be $2.00. When exiting the ramp, the parking ticket and appropriate fee must be presented to the attendant.

Campus-to-Campus Employee Parking

A limited number of parking cards are available at the St. Paul and Minneapolis Information desks for employees who have business at non-primary locations. The parking cards may be reserved from the Information desk staff. The cards are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Handicapped Parking

Parking for handicapped staff and students at the Minneapolis Campus is available by contacting the Office of Disability and Special Services at the St. Paul campus, handicapped parking is available in the courtyard lot. Handicapped parking is provided at all Metro State Campuses and Centers and, when feasible, it is located near the main entrance to buildings.

Guest/Volunteer Parking

Guest parking passes are on a limited basis upon request and approval by the office of the Associate Vice President of Administrative Affairs and/or his designee. The purpose of the guest/visitor parking program is to provide complimentary parking for those individuals external to the institution who volunteer their time and/or services for the benefit of the university. Only those who so qualify will be considered eligible for guest or visitor parking passes.

Section 7.        Review

This regulation will be subject to review on an annual basis.

Section 8.        Approval

Issued on this 12th day of September, 2000


Cathleen Brannen, Vice President for Administration and Finance