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From the President

Launching the Strategic Planning Task Force

Posted October 8, 2018

I am pleased to report that the university’s 2018-2019 strategic planning process, which I announced at Convocation, was successfully launched on Oct. 2. The Strategic Planning Task Force is a broadly representative team that is committed to sharing their ongoing work with our many campus constituencies and to hearing colleagues’ thoughts and feedback. 
As I met with the task force and our consultant, Dr. Howard Cohen, I was encouraged by the team’s engaged conversation about the work of strategic visioning and their obvious readiness for the work ahead. The task force co-chairs will soon be announcing the first of a series of town hall sessions—please watch for the announcements and participate in whatever ways are conducive for you: in person, online, by video connection, or through conversation with members of the task force or with members of university councils.

Because our university councils are organized around our top strategic priorities and core functions, and because strategic planning is focused on achieving our highest objectives, the councils will be intentionally engaged with this year’s strategic planning work. The councils will play a key role in connecting campus input and the developing strategic plan. It is my goal for the strategic plan, and the process by which it is developed, to be widely recognized and understood on campus. I invite you to be part of that process throughout this academic year. The plan will be finalized before the end of spring semester, and implementation will begin in the fall of 2019.

I am grateful to the members of the Strategic Planning Task Force, and pleased to introduce them to our campus community:

  • Amy Gort, provost and executive vice president for Academic and Student Affairs; co-chair
  • August Hoffman, Inter Faculty Organization president; co-chair
  • Craig Hansen, dean, College of Liberal Arts
  • Kerry Johnson, assistant professor, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Mary Williams, community faculty, College of Sciences
  • Jennifer Dosch, professor, College of Management
  • Raj Sethuraju, associate professor, College of Community Studies and Public Affairs
  • Colette Faidley, Admissions; AFSCME
  • Kathryn Gilbert, College of Community Studies and Public Affairs; MAPE
  • Lisa Kell, Financial Management; MMA
  • Will Ruckel, Admissions; MSUAASF
  • Wilson Garland, executive director, IT Center of Excellence
  • Leonel Mejia, vice president, Student Senate

 As planning for our first town hall sessions is under way, we are also preparing other communication outlets, such as a website and document archive and a dedicated e-mail address for comments.

Thank you in advance for your own contributions to the future of our university’s work.


President Virginia "Ginny" Arthur, JD
Metropolitan State University