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Subject matter experts

Joe Alfano

Fixed-Term Assistant Professor
School of Urban Education
(651) 999-5920

  • Science education for elementary students

Rene Antrop-Gonzalez

Dean and Professor of Urban Education
School of Urban Education
(651) 999-5959

Robert Boos

PR Coordinator
Marketing and Communications
(651) 793-1818

  • Journalism
  • Web management

Jeremy Bandow

Screenwriting Assistant Professor, School of Communication, Writing, and the Arts
(651) 999-5954

  • Screenwriting
  • Film directing
  • Film appreciation

Lawrence Copes

Community Faculty Member, Mathematics Education
School of Urban Education
(651) 357-6735

  • Mathematics education toward intellectual and ethical development, including critical thinking and creative problem solving

Ramin Daghigh

Associate Professor Natural Sciences
College of Sciences
(651) 793-1447

  • Theoretical physics
  • Black holes
  • Gravitational waves
  • Foundations of quantum mechanics.

Bruce Drewlow

Assistant Professor
School of Urban Education
(651) 999-5926

  • Multicultural children's literature
  • Gifted and talented youth

Rosa Fagundes

Professor and Department Chair
School of Urban Education
(651) 999-5931

  • English as a Second Language

Nicholas Hartlep

Associate Professor
School of Urban Education
(651) 999-5936

  • Early Childhood/Elementary Education Program Coordinator

Yun-Ting Hun

Assistant Professor
School of Urban Education
(651) 999-5835

  • Elementary school literacy and reading

Faisal Kaleem

Associate Professor, College of Sciences
Executive Director, Information Technology and MN Cyber
(651) 793-1238

  • Cybersecurity

Daryl Parks

Associate Professor of English Education
Department of Literature and Language, Urban Teacher Program
(651) 793-1465

  • Urban literacy (reading/writing/speaking/media) education at the middle/high school level especially related to race social class language teaching/learning and curriculum

Tracey Pyscher

Assistant Professor
School of Urban Education

  • Asset based approaches in working with youth with histories of domestic violence (HDV youth)
  • Literacy instruction: critical literacy disciplinary and digital learning and teaching 
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Culturally relevant pedagogies

Yvonne RB-Banks

School of Urban Education
(651) 999-5898

  • Over-representation of African American males in special education
  • Addressing remediation and assessment of students of color teacher training using UDL and designing transition programs that support college success

Frank Schweigert

Dean, College of Community Studies and Public Affairs
(612) 659-7296

  • Nonprofit governance and management

Paul Spies

School of Urban Education
(651) 999-5929

  • Social studies education
  • Legislative efforts to increase teachers of color and American Indian teachers