ANES 713

Advanced Pharmacology for DNP Anesthesia II

3 Graduate credits
Effective May 6, 2020 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

The course focus is a comprehensive study of pharmacologic principles of anesthetic medications used by the nurse anesthetist during provision of care. Emphasis is placed on physiologic actions, therapeutic decision making, and medication management for application in clinical practice. Biotransformation, elimination and molecular mechanisms knowledge will be used to build a scientific foundation for clinical decision-making across the lifespan. Competence Statement: Knows the pharmacologic principles of anesthetic medications well enough to apply to nurse anesthesia practice.

Special information

Prerequisites: Prior to taking this course, you must have successfully completed the following: NURS 712.

Learning outcomes


  • Employ principles of pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and economics of anesthesia medications in therapeutic clinical decision-making when formulating an anesthesia plan;
  • Predict physiologic effects of the anesthetic drugs at the cellular level based upon toxicologies, presence of prescribed and nonprescription drugs, and abnormal physiologic states;
  • Recommend methods to assess medication efficacy and safety, and
  • Incorporate course principles in the anesthetic plan.