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ANES 739P DNP Anesthesia Practicum VII

Students build on skills developed in practicum IV to further develop integration of scientific and anesthetic principles. Expert nurse anesthesia students apply scientific and anesthetic principles, evidence-based practice and safety & quality guidelines to psychomotor skills, critical thinking and decision-making. Students gain clinical experience in caring for patients across the lifespan, special populations, and procedures. Competency Statement Applies the principles and practice of nurse anesthesia care well enough to assess, plan, and implement an anesthetic care plan, at an expert level, under minimal supervision of a licensed/certified anesthesia provider for patients across the lifespan and for special populations and procedures.


Special information

Prerequisites: Prior to taking this practicum, you must have successfully completed the following practicum: NURS 738P
2 Graduate credits

Effective May 6, 2020 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Analyze biomedical equipment and supplies for relevance, accuracy and safety for quality patient care;
  • Appraise patient's health and functional risk status for safe diagnostic, surgical and anesthetic care;
  • Formulate cost-effective, evidence-based plans of care based on patient's physical status, procedural or diagnostic needs;
  • Administer safe culturally competent care based on evidence based and ethical principles;
  • Communicate effectively with patients, family and other healthcare providers;
  • Employ reflective practice to improve patient outcomes and quality of care; and
  • Exhibit professional leadership behaviors of responsibility, accountability and integrity
  • Apply ethical principles to nurse anesthesia care