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ANES 792 Synthesis of Essential Anesthesia Concepts II

This course is the second in a series of two synthesis courses aimed to prepare the nurse anesthesia student for the National Certification Exam (NCE). It is based on directed self-study review of Anesthesia Practice Exam (APEX) Anesthesia Modules. The focus of this course is application of critical nurse anesthesia concepts necessary for transition into nurse anesthesia independent practice. Competence Statement: Knows critical nurse anesthesia concepts well enough to successfully complete the APEX anesthesia review modules at 75%.

Special information

Prerequisites: Prior to taking this course, you must have successfully completed the following: NURS 791.
2 Graduate credits

Effective May 6, 2020 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Develop individualized review plan based on Self-Evaluation Exam (SEE) score from NURS 791;
  • Develop individualized learning plans based on APEX module review results; and
  • Demonstrate application of physical, biophysical and anesthetic scientific knowledge integration through APEX module examination completion.

Spring 2024

Section Title Instructor books eservices
01 Synthesis of Essential Anesthesia Concepts II Laffoon, Travis Ryan Quaas, Mary Beth Popp, Jordan Books for ANES-792-01 Spring 2024 Course details for ANES-792-01 Spring 2024