CHEM 421

Medicinal Chemistry

3 Undergraduate credits
Effective August 25, 2012 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

Medicinal chemistry allows the advanced chemistry student to explore the considerations of drug design and development as well as case studies on how different classes of therapeutic agents act in the human body. Topics include drug targets, drug sources, structure-activity relationships, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and the modern drug discovery pipeline. This class is suggested for those students intending to continue in health sciences.

Special information

First day attendance is mandatory.

Learning outcomes


  • Identify drug targets within the human body.
  • Identify physical property considerations for drug development.
  • Interpret SAR, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodynamic results from medicinal chemistry experiments.
  • Identify drug families and targets for specific therapeutic applications.
  • Write summaries on drug-target interactions and relate how the interactions lead to a state of disease.

Spring 2021

Section Title Instructor
01 Medicinal Chemistry Dimick Gray, Sarah M Books Course details