CJS 304

Case Planning

2 Undergraduate credits
Effective January 8, 2018 – December 16, 2018

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

The goal in corrections is to reduce risk of reoffending and help clients change their thinking and behavior. This training utilizes strategies within a case planning process by addressing criminogenic needs that most effectively protect the public and effects change in the client's criminal behavior. This is a skills-based course that will teach you a 6 step process for creating initial case plans in partnership with clients, as well as a 4 step process for ongoing case plan development.

Special information

Co-requisites: CJS 202 AND CJS 303 AND HSER 346. Note: This course is open to Evidence Based Practices Certificate Program (EBP) Students only.

Learning outcomes


  • Understand and demonstrate the 6 step Case Planning process.
  • Understand how Responsivity plays a factor in case planning and demonstrate how to build into a case plan.
  • Demonstrate how to guide the conversation to motivate the client to work on criminogenic needs.
  • Develop a SMART goal during the practice session and develop tasks to meet that goal.
  • Conduct a 20 minute audio tape of a case planning session with a client using the 6 step Case Planning process, and attend a peer coaching session to receive feedback and coaching.
  • Understand and demonstrate how Motivational Interviewing, risk-needs assessments, and cognitive behavioral interventions impact case planning.