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CJS 690 Praxis Seminar II

The course is the continuation of CJS 680 and the culmination of the Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Students work independently with faculty to complete their individualized teaching, applied, or thesis project. Competence Statement Students will understand the interaction between theory and practice in the criminal justice system to the extent that they will be able to identify problems in need of solutions and propose research projects that address these problems. Students will determine and make progress towards their final project for their masters degree. Students can chose from 3 options: 1. Thesis 2. Applied Project 3. Teaching Preparation


Special information

Note: The course should be taken the semester the student graduates. Grading is Pass/No Credit only.
2 Graduate credits

Effective August 16, 2015 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Continue and complete a feasible research project or teaching practicum in criminal justice
  • Demonstrates the relationship between academic knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge to the field.