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COMM 301 Connections: Introduction to Communication Studies

This course is only for students who are majoring in professional communication. Students learn the careers, major disciplines, communication principles, work habits and the mindset required to obtain positions and succeed in the communication field. Students are also exposed to current topics and issues in communication practice.


2 Undergraduate credits

Effective January 1, 2004 to present

Meets graduation requirements for

Learning outcomes


  • Analyze and evaluate communications created by self, peers, and professional communicators.
  • Apply the principles of communication theory to assignments.
  • Create at a competence expected of upper division students cogent communication messages for various media by advancing ability to collect, analyze and integrate research and apply communication theory appropriately, effectively and ethically.
  • Evaluate their own aptitude for a communication career by completing and analyzing results of diagnostic assessments of communication skills necessary for success in a communication career.
  • Know and understand the communication tracks available at Metropolitan State.
  • Know and understand the different careers and fields in professional communication.
  • Know and understand the increasing importance of technology and visual communication in professional communication and our culture.
  • Know, understand and apply principles of communication theory common to oral, written and visual literacy.
  • Know, understand and apply professional requirements, standards and ethics in communication careers.