Communication Individual Internship

1-8 Undergraduate credits
Effective October 23, 2000 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

Students obtain internships in selected areas of study to gain deeper understand of knowledge, skills and the context of a given field. Faculty members serve as liaisons and evaluator between the internship sites and the university, providing information to students and potential supervisors and supervising the learning experience. Internships normally earn between one and four credits, required 40 work hours per credit, and may be served through a standard hours/work schedule or with flexible work hours scheduling, depending on the nature of the internship and site preferences.

Special information

Note: Students must have secured an internship site and have an approved Internship Agreement form before registering. For information on internship resources, guidelines and forms go to: click on academic internships. Grading is Pass/No credit only.

Learning outcomes


  • Evaluation, which must include evaluated evidence of some theoretical learning as well as the project deliverables, of the full completed internship duties, and a weekly journal/reflection by the intern of what was learned.
  • Learning Strategies addressing the activities to complete to meet the goal stated in the Competence Statement and will include readings, interviews or projects or procedures involved in the internship.
  • The competence statement which is the specific goal or ultimate outcome aimed for--what the student will know when completing the internship.