DBA 700

Doctoral Seminar in the Development of Management Thought

4 Graduate credits
Effective January 11, 2010 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course examines the history of the development of management theory and practice and its relationship to significant issues and challenges of today's managers. The works of both classical and contemporary management theorists will be analyzed, with students developing and defending models of management practice for their use in business organizations.

Special information

Pre-requisite: Completion of all pre-requisite courses for admission to the DBA program.

Learning outcomes


  • Develop a knowledge base of the history of the development of management theories and practices.
  • Understand the interactions of the economic, social, and political environments as they impact organizations and management approaches.
  • Engage the works of leading management practitioners and theorists.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the streams of management thought and their successor branches (scientific management, classical organizational theory, behavior school, contingency approach, and dynamic engagement).
  • Analyze the underlying research that gave rise to specific management theories.
  • Examine emerging management theories, trends and issues and relate them to current and past theories.