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DBA 750 Innovative Teaching for Business Faculty and Professionals

This course presents relevant research and theory on curricular and teaching approaches for higher education business students and adult learners. Applied skills in areas such as course and unit development, use of alternative teaching methods, and assessment of learner outcomes will be developed. Attention to effective e-learning approaches is emphasized.

Special information

Approved Course
4 Graduate credits

Effective August 14, 2012 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Describe the role of college and other instructors in relation to meeting the needs of learners from different backgrounds, learning styles, and educational objectives.
  • Learn how to develop a college-level course from the establishment of course objectives, through the determination and delivery of content and the evaluation of students.
  • Review a procedure for selecting and using instructional learning materials. Identify the assumptions you are making about learning when you select these materials and teaching strategies.
  • Determine the best teaching methods to use for delivering content in different courses.
  • Demonstrate the use of selected teaching methods and techniques.
  • Prepare and present unit plans and daily lesson plans.
  • Explain your rationale for choosing different teaching strategies to meet various course objectives.
  • Be able to assess outcomes in relation to lesson objectives.
  • Establish a procedure for measuring, evaluating, and grading students. Describe the purpose behind the chosen procedures and the assumptions about evaluation and grading implicit to these procedures.