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DENH 420 Restorative Functions Theory and Lab

This course focuses on the principles, handling characteristics, placement, contouring, and adjusting of the direct restorative materials in a laboratory setting in accordance with MN Statute, section 150A.10, subdivision 4.

Special information

Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program (BSDH) or Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Dental Hygiene Program. Lab fees apply.
3-4 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 9, 2019 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Demonstrate laboratory competency in the critical thinking and psychomotor skills necessary to placement, contouring, and occlusal adjusting of the following restorative materials: amalgam restorations, glass ionomer restorations, composite resin restorations: Class I and Class V supragingival restorations where the margins of the restoration are entirely within enamel, stainless steel crown adaptation and cementation.
  • Describe the physical properties, principles, handling characteristics, and appropriate clinical application of the following materials: dental amalgams, glass ionomers, composite resins, stainless steel crown.
  • Integrate evidence-based research to improve the quality of restorative functions in the laboratory setting.
  • Maintain accountability for quality restorative work, mercury hygiene, and safety in the laboratory setting.
  • Maintain accurate record keeping in accordance with Minnesota Board of Dentistry guidelines as it relates to restorative functions services.
  • Participate in self-assessment and peer assessment to improve the effectiveness of restorative work in the laboratory setting.

Spring 2021

Section Title Instructor
01 Restorative Functions Theory and Lab Branca, Elizabeth T. Jordan, Andrea L Books Course details