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DENH 610 Assessment and Treatment Planning

This course focuses on the effect of systemic and oral diseases related to ADT care. Students learn to prioritize and modify treatment plans to meet patient needs. Students implement a comprehensive, patient-centered, problem-solving approach to clinical assessment and treatment planning. Students develop critical thinking and clinical judgment in consideration of socio-cultural, familial, environmental, and developmental influences across the lifespan. Topics include epidemiology, health-promotion, disease-prevention, and the management of common oral health problems. Case-based studies and initial exposure to clinical patient care are incorporated

Special information

Prerequisite: Admission to the Master of Science: Advanced Dental Therapy program. Successful completion of MSADT course DENH 640.
4 Graduate credits

Effective August 14, 2023 to present

Meets graduation requirements for

Learning outcomes


  • Incorporate state regulations governing the dental therapy and advanced dental therapy scope of practice into clinical practice.
  • Understand the concepts of epidemiology to employ evidence-based research in designing care for under-represented and underserved populations
  • Provide comprehensive ADT services including assessment, planning, and care provision for adult patients in simulated and clinical experiences at the novice ADT level under preceptor supervision.
  • Incorporate appropriate legal documentation, including informed consent, into ADT role.