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DENH 640 Restorative Dentistry I

This course focuses on theoretical and laboratory principles of operative dentistry utilizing direct placement restorative materials in the permanent dentition for adults. In a simulation laboratory setting students practice operative dentistry techniques that restore form, function, and esthetics to teeth with the purpose of contributing to both oral and general health. Emphasis is placed on the basic principles of cavity preparation and restoration design, as well as the appropriate selection and application of direct restorative materials. Students complete at least 150 hours in simulated restorative practice.

Special information

Prerequisite: Admission to the Master of Science: Advanced Dental Therapy program. Note: Lab fees apply.
5 Graduate credits

Effective May 4, 2022 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Incorporate principles of tooth anatomy and physiology in assessment of restorative needs.
  • Assess necessary aspects of form and function in planning dental restoration processes.
  • Identify appropriate materials for various tooth restoration needs.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the preparation and restoration of the tooth.
  • Provide necessary patient education and documentation.