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DENH 650 Pediatric Dentistry

This course builds upon the concepts and skills learned in Restorative Dentistry I. Emphasis is placed on restorative procedures for the pediatric and adolescent patient carried out in a simulation laboratory setting. Course concepts and strategies include comprehensive pediatric ADT dental care within the context of the collaborative agreement. Focus is also placed on the recognition and indications for professional referral/consultation to provide comprehensive patient care.

Special information

Lab fees apply.
4 Graduate credits

Effective August 14, 2023 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Provide comprehensive ADT services including assessment, planning, and care provision for pediatric patients in simulated laboratory setting at the novice ADT level under preceptor supervision.
  • Maintain accurate, ethical and legal records of all patient encounters.
  • Provide Advanced Dental Therapy oral healthcare in a culturally competent manner.
  • Provide, administer, and dispense medications appropriate to Advanced Dental Therapist practice for pediatric patients in a simulated setting.
  • Understand and prevent barriers that may affect special needs patient in accessing oral health care
  • Demonstrate professionalism and ethical judgment and behavior in the provision of ADT care in simulated pediatric patients.