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DENH 665 Restorative Dentistry II

This course focuses on the provision of primary preventive and restorative Advanced Dental Therapist services in a laboratory and clinical setting. Concentration is on development of assessment and patient-centered treatment planning and care to an advanced beginner level. Students implement the full advanced dental therapy scope of practice under the supervision of faculty providers. Students complete approximately 180 hours in clinical restorative practice.


6 Graduate credits

Effective May 4, 2021 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Demonstrate professionalism, ethical judgment, and ethical behavior while providing dental therapy/advanced dental therapy patient care and associated activities across the lifespan.
  • Gather, analyze, evaluate and assess appropriate data to create individualized, problem-based treatment plans jointly with faculty.
  • Manage complications associated with dental therapy/advanced dental therapy care.
  • Demonstrate dental therapy/advanced dental therapy skills at the advanced beginner level
  • Incorporate preventive oral health strategies and procedures into Advanced Dental Therapy care.
  • Dispense and administer medications appropriate to dental therapy/advanced dental therapy scope of practice and patient¿s dental needs under complete supervision.
  • Utilize appropriate pain management techniques within the dental therapy/advanced dental therapy scope of practice with full supervisory oversight