DENH 685

Oral Health Literacy and Cultural Competency in Advanced Dental Therapy

1 Graduate credit
Effective December 15, 2014 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

Advanced dental therapists work in clinical settings which provide preventive and therapeutic oral health care services for populations that have experienced long standing barriers accessing these services. This online course will address oral health literacy and cultural competency within the context of providing advanced dental therapy scope of practice for individuals, families, and communities representing diverse backgrounds. Competence Statement Knows the principles and practices of oral health literacy, cultural and linguistic appropriate services well enough to implement strategies into advanced dental therapy practice to increasingly overcome oral healthcare access barriers for those with diverse backgrounds.

Special information

Prerequisites: To enroll in this course you must be admitted into the Master of Science in Advanced Dental Therapy Program.

Learning outcomes


  • Interpret the relationship between current and projected demographic changes in the United States and the need for culturally and linguistically appropriate advanced dental therapy oral health care services.
  • Explain the influence of culture, ethnicity, family, spiritual beliefs, age, and other factors may have upon oral health practices and beliefs.
  • Develop culturally and linguistically appropriate strategies to improve the quality of advanced dental therapy services and outcomes.
  • Utilize the framework of oral health as a leading health indicator for Healthy People 2020, the Minnesota Oral Health Plan, and Minnesota Chronic Disease and Injury Plan to reduce the health disparities of all Minnesotans.
  • Support and promote oral health literacy and cultural competency concept utilization among all professionals of the dental workforce to improve the quality of health for all Minnesotans.

Fall 2020

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50 Oral Health Literacy and Cultural Competency in Advanced Dental Therapy Staff, Staff Books Course details