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DENH 699 Special Topics in Dental Hygiene

This independent study course is designed for oral health practitioner students and focuses on continuing development of laboratory and/or clinical skills. The student and faculty member negotiate the number of credits to be completed and the specific course outcomes and requirements to be satisfied. Through guided study the student completes these requirements. This course may be repeated. Credits do not substitute for required course work. Register by permission only.

Special information

Note: Register by permission only. Contact Dental Hygiene Program Advisor for additional information.
0-8 Graduate credit

Effective August 22, 2009 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Demonstrates competency in selected skills in laboratory and/or clinical setting.
  • Student will contract with the instructor to complete the appropriate number of experiences or laboratory or clinical hours or other requirements during the time of enrollment. The course outcome(s) and course assignments will be negotiated between the student and the instructor.

Spring 2021

Section Title Instructor
21 Special Topics in Dental Hygiene Books Course details