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EDU 330 Teaching Children's Literature in Urban Grades K-6

This course provides pre-service Early Childhood and Elementary teachers with the theoretical foundations and practical skills necessary to become reflective professionals who can analyze and select high quality and developmentally appropriate literature for children. Student will develop skills needed to guide children's selection of books, understand how to use literature with children, design age appropriate lessons and activities to stimulate and extend children's literary experiences and reading enjoyment throughout the elementary curriculum for economically, academically, culturally, racially and linguistically diverse children. Session topics will focus on student motivation, classroom organization , and teaching with children's literature. Central to all topics is the use /inclusion of literature that is multicultural/multiethnic.

Special information

Approved CourseNote: Admission to Urban Teacher Program or Department approval required to register. Clinical field experience hours are part of the course requirements.
3 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 7, 2013 to present

Meets graduation requirements for

Learning outcomes


  • Create and maintain a motivating classroom environment that promotes ongoing student engagement and literacy for all students.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how proficient readers read, how to facilitate listening comprehension, and how to develop students' comprehension of print material.
  • Guide students in selecting independent reading materials provide opportunities for self-selected reading through regularly read-aloud.
  • Have knowledge of how to analyze and teach literary text and elements, structures and elements and criticism, drawing upon literature and instructional needs and interest.
  • Have knowledge of how to provide frequent opportunities to listen to and read high-quality literature different purposes.
  • Have knowledge of how to select, evaluate, and response to literature from a range of genres, eras, perspectives, and cultures.
  • Have the ability to evaluate and response to a range of literature and analyze text structures and elements.
  • Motivate students to read at home: encourage and provide support for parents or guardians to read to their children, in English and /or in the primary language of the learner.
  • Select appropriate use of a wide range of engaging text-repressing various genres and cultures when designing reading lessons. Facilitate and develop student's responses to literature and their critical reading abilities through high level interactive discussions about text.
  • The ability to design purposefully lessons/tasks based on the qualities, structures, and difficulty of texts and reading needs of individual students including the selection and use of supplementary materials to support the reading development of struggling and gifted readers.

Fall 2023

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01 Teaching Children's Literature in Urban Grades K-6 Miller, Sarah Books for EDU-330-01 Fall 2023 Course details for EDU-330-01 Fall 2023

Spring 2024

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01 Teaching Children's Literature in Urban Grades K-6 Miller, Sarah Books for EDU-330-01 Spring 2024 Course details for EDU-330-01 Spring 2024