EDU 331

Physical Development, Health, Nutrition, Effects of Drugs in Birth-Grade 6

3 Undergraduate credits
Effective December 15, 2011 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

The spectrum of physical and motor development of children from conception to age 8 will be covered in this course. Students will also be introduced to foundations of good nutrition and health maintenance for young children. There will be opportunities to develop nutritional plans for yearly childhood programs that respect cultural and religious diversity. Students will consider health policies for schools and child care centers as well as assess and plan large and small motor activities for groups and individual children. The effects of drugs will be addressed, from the prenatal period through the use of medication to treat behavior and emotional conditions in early childhood.

Special information

Note: Admission to Urban Teacher Program or Department approval required to register. Clinical field experience hours are part of the course requirements.

Learning outcomes


  • Know the effects of drugs on the development and academic success of young children beginning with the prenatal period through age 8.
  • Know the rationale and procedures to meet standards for sanitation in group setting for young children.
  • Understand the physical development of children from birth to age eight.
  • Know rationale and procedures to ensure the health and safety of young children in programs and schools.
  • Know symptoms of common illness and environmental hazards as well as universal precautions to limit the spread of disease and incident of injury.
  • Identify the characteristics of an early childhood program that supports the healthy physical development of young children and evaluate programs based on that knowledge.
  • Know how to plan, implement and evaluate practices which meet the physical needs of young children.
  • Know nutritional needs of young children and be able to plan a balanced diet for children from birth to age 8.