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EDU 670 Advanced Reflective Practice for Urban Educators

This course examines the important role of critical reflection for the professional development and effectiveness of urban teachers in their efforts to provide equitable educational opportunities and increase achievement of their diverse students. Various types of reflection will be practiced in critically thinking about the multiple and complex aspects of the teaching and learning process within a racial, socio-economic, cultural, historical, structural and systemic context. The role of urban educators as agents and leaders of change will be examined, in addition to how reflection can be used as a tool to foster change for educational equity. Reflection during the course will lead to identifying a central focus and question for thesis research.

Special information

Prerequisites: Permission required contact the department. Completion of all other required and/or elective coursework for the MS Urban Education concentration of choice, including at least 22 graduate credits, but not including EDU 698. Co-requisites: EDU 688 Research Methods if EDU 688 hasn't already been completed.
4 Graduate credits

Effective January 12, 2015 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Understand and use various types of and approaches to reflection in relation to self, teaching, students, learning, schooling and community
  • Critically evaluate the effects on one's actions, thoughts, identities, attitudes and beliefs on urban learners and the teaching and learning process
  • Identify core values and passions as an urban teacher for use in developing a plan for resilience, renewal and continuous improvement
  • Critically evaluate the effects of structures, policies, practices, cultures and environments of various realms (i.e., classroom, school, community, district, state, federal, US and global societies) on teaching, learning and outcomes in urban classrooms and schools
  • Critically reflect upon research literature about a topic of interest in the field of urban education
  • Develop and articulate a clear philosophy of urban education and urban teaching that addresses historic and persistent inequities
  • Develop a possible focus for future research

Summer 2024

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01 Advanced Reflective Practice for Urban Educators Burnett, Robbie Rochelle Books for EDU-670-01 Summer 2024 Course details for EDU-670-01 Summer 2024