ENTR 494

Entrepreneurship and Law

2 Undergraduate credits
Effective May 5, 2015 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

The course covers common legal and human resources issues encountered by business owners in starting, growing, and exiting a business, including the choice of entity, financing, contracts, employment, intellectual property, potential areas of liability, and methods of sale of business.

Special information

Recommended course to be taken before this course: ENTR 490 Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation. Note: This course was previously ENTR 354. Students must have writing skills at an intermediate level or higher. This course is appropriate for students at a junior level or above who have an existing business or are interested in starting their own business. Major elective for Business Administration major.

Learning outcomes


  • Knows concepts and methods of entrepreneurs at a level well enough to and can analyze the pitfalls one must anticipate, prepare for and respond to in a legal fashion.
  • Knows laws relating to new business ventures well enough to determine how they impact new business venture success.
  • Knows legal concepts and skills of entrepreneurs well enough to and can evaluate how entrepreneurs create and build value using the legal process.
  • Knows legal strategies and procedures of entrepreneurs well enough to and can apply them to his or her career.
  • Knows principles and procedures of legal documents well enough to and can use them in business transactions.

Spring 2020

Section Title Instructor
50 Entrepreneurship and Law Swanson, Erin R.S. Books Course details