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ETHS 202 Learning From Communities:

This course uses one to several field trips as core learning experiences. Academic insights are integrated with direct experiences. All field trips are contextualized to be experiential learning rather than recreational cultural tourism. The course revolves around learning from community interactions. Topics will change from semester to semester. If more than one topics course is taken in fulfillment of the major, they must be different course titles. Some offerings of the class may require the student to pay for parking and additional fees or use one's own means of transportation.
2-4 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 22, 2015 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Apply readings, ideas, and theories from interdisciplinary work in Ethnic Studies to understand dimensions of an ethno-racial community's experience or comparative complexities among multiple ethno-racial communities.
  • Engage familiar and unfamiliar settings so that one has a deeper understanding of the range of experiences and concerns within an ethno-racial community or sub- community and how individual and group choices are enacted within societal restrictions.
  • Reflect on and explain to others the moments of deep learning about race, racism, structural oppression, intersectionality, ethnicity, or culture that occurred during the field study.