HRM 335

Understanding and Addressing Race in the Workplace

3-4 Undergraduate credits
Effective January 10, 2016 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

In this upper-division undergraduate course, students will be expected to understand, value and maximize human capital potential among stakeholders from a variety of cultures and races in order to be successful. Students will explore and reflect on their own beliefs and experiences while learning how to address individual-level and institutional racism in organizations. The ability to create and foster workplace environments that are inclusive, respectful and accepting of racial diversity is important for professional advancement and success in increasingly global environments.

Learning outcomes


  • Assess one's own beliefs about race and racism.
  • Increase understanding of culture, race, inclusiveness and diversity.
  • Understand various characteristics and types of racism in workplaces and apply informed interventions
  • Explain and analyze various collective and institutional responses and responsibilities to address racism in workplaces
  • Contribute positive personal-level accountability and responses when addressing racism in organizations
  • Explore and support cultural, social, economic and racially diverse viewpoints to achieve organizational and business success.

Fall 2019

Section Title Instructor
01 Understanding and Addressing Race in the Workplace Stello, Ch Books Course details