HSCD 353

Case Management for Alcohol and Drug Counseling

4 Undergraduate credits
Effective January 9, 2012 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course provides students with a beginning understanding of the essential components of successful case management for alcohol and drug counseling. That is, the activities which a counselor engages in to bring services, agencies, resources, and people together within a planned and coordinated framework of action toward achievement of established clinical goals. Specifically the course will focus on, the theory of case management for alcohol and drug counseling, related state and federal laws, the Twelve Core Functions, the Rules of Professional Conduct, and the practice of clinical writing.

Learning outcomes


  • Develop an understanding of the twelve core functions of alcohol and drug counseling, especially case management.
  • Know and can apply the Rules of Professional Conduct (ethics) for alcohol & drug counselors in MN.
  • Understands and can apply the key elements of a clinical record keeping to alcohol & drug counseling.
  • Become familiar with the state and federal laws which pertain to the practice of alcohol & drug counseling.
  • Understand the basic theory of Case Management as it applies to the practice of alcohol and drug counseling.