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HSCD 632 Integrated Care: Harm Reduction and Case Management

This course introduces the philosophical underpinnings of public health approaches to and case management of substance use and co-occurring disorders. Students gain knowledge and understanding of the history, principles and strategies of harm reduction interventions, as well as knowledge of and proficiency in delivering specific brief interventions that have been shown to reduce both risky behavior and its consequences. Students also review the principles of and strategies for effective case management in substance use and co-occurring disorders counseling, and create a broad database of case management resources. Significant attention is paid to culturally specific considerations and strategies, and students consider issues of gender, race, class and age when reviewing access to and appropriateness of services.


3 Graduate credits

Effective August 20, 2016 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Discuss harm reduction efforts in their historical and public health contexts.
  • Integrate harm reduction methods, including motivational strategies and specific brief interventions, into clinical and outreach settings.
  • Apply effective case/care management strategies in support support clients of diverse racial and class backgrounds, abilities, gender identities and ages.
  • Develop a database of care/case management resources, with an emphasis on those that provide services to underserved and marginalized populations.
  • Advocate for improvements in service availability and accessibility.

Spring 2024

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50 Integrated Care: Harm Reduction and Case Management Goonetilleke, Dharshini Books for HSCD-632-50 Spring 2024 Course details for HSCD-632-50 Spring 2024