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HSCD 681 Practicum I

This series provides students with opportunities to demonstrate the advanced knowledge and skills acquired during their academic coursework and practice by implementing them in clinical or community-based settings. The practicum series requires students to demonstrate advanced competence in alcohol and drug counseling and co-occurring disorders counseling. Students find placement in settings that provide opportunities for multicultural applications of evidence-based practices. The classroom portion of the course allows students to review and critically analyze counseling style, anti-oppressive practice, ethical issues and the practicum setting.


1-2 Graduate credits

Effective August 20, 2016 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Apply theoretical knowledge, clinical skills and therapeutic characteristics gained in master's studies in clinical settings under faculty and site supervision.
  • Reflect on clinical experiences and acculturation to the service provision profession and environment.
  • Enhance self-critique in the areas of counseling style, application of evidence based and culturally responsive care, anti-oppressive practice, ethical excellence.
  • Enhance self-care practices in support of clinical excellence and life balance.
  • Gain facility with case presentation for the purpose of receiving formative clinical supervision and mentorship.
  • Complete, at minimum, the requisite number of internship hours for licensure in alcohol and drug counseling and/or professional counseling.