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HSCO 325 Institutional Corrections: History and Future Trends

This course covers strategies and practices that have had an impact on the development of the U.S. correctional system. The specific course content includes the historical development of corrections, past and current correctional programs relating to the control of criminal behavior, the influence of politics and the news media on corrections, and the examination of current major issues with a focus on future trends in corrections.
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 1, 1998 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Some controversies in the field of corrections.
  • The development of modern prisons.
  • The evolution of the concept of penitentiary.
  • The forms of community-based corrections.
  • The history and development of probation and parole.
  • The history of institutional corrections.
  • The types of alternatives to incarceration and factors that influence placement.
  • The various forms of punishment.
  • The various levels of imprisonment.