HSER 320

Human Services Pre-Practicum Group Seminar

1 Undergraduate credit
Effective August 23, 2008 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course is designed to help students evaluate their readiness, prepare for and then select an internship site for Human Services. Examples of course topics include: examination of personal readiness, internship or career goals, review an array of possible internships and making an appropriate selection for practicum.

Special information

Prerequisite: This course is required to be taken the semester prior to when the student would begin the internship experience.

Learning outcomes


  • Assess personal and academic readiness for an internship.
  • Develop individualized internship goals, including: diversity & other special populations, ethics, personal growth, career plans and other interest areas.
  • Examine a wide variety of internship possibilities and then narrow the field of choices. (An open mind is very helpful with this task).
  • Identify and examine strengths and areas which might need improvement.
  • Make an appropriate selection(s) for internship(s) to begin next semester.