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HSER 400 Mentoring Children in the Urban Community

This group internship offers students an opportunity to learn via guided experience principles for effective mentoring of school-aged children living in an urban environment. The internship is offered in two-semester blocks in order to accommodate the p-12 school year. Students are expected to register for two consecutive semesters for two credits each semester. The mentor-interns meet weekly with their mentorees at designated school sites and attend monthly seminars in order to develop their relationship-building skills and to sharpen their ability to enhance assets in school-aged urban children in culturally-contained as well as multicultural contexts.
2 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 23, 2003 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Learn effective mentoring techniques for school aged children living in an urban environment.
  • Develop relationship skills to mentor children.
  • Improve ability to enhance assets in school aged-urban children within multicultural contexts.